Watching DVDs in Linux: A Fight with MPAA

[ Thanks to Matt D. for
this link. ]

“Has anyone really, and I mean really, spent hours researching
the issue of using libdvdcss in Linux to watch DVDs? What would you
say if I told you much of what you are reading about this issue is
complete bunk? Want the truth? Using libdvdcss is only illegal if,
and I say if, it needs to implement DeCSS to allow for encrypted
DVD viewing.

“Last time I checked, here in the US, the burden of proof for a
criminal offense fell onto the prosecution. And even in a civil
offense, I doubt that it is possible to prove that DeCSS decryption
had taken place in any single DVD viewing instance. No, the MPAA
knows that most people today are too busy listening to talking
heads to actually consider the likelihood of any actual laws being

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