webTechniques: Is FreeBSD a Superior Server Platform to Linux?

I switched to FreeBSD from Linux last year not because
Linux isn’t flexible enough, but because FreeBSD is richer and more
mature. There are various flavors of BSD available. FreeBSD has
remained consistent on i386 (meaning that it hasn’t ported the OS
to other platforms, for the most part), and now Alpha
NetBSD has been ported to almost anything with
a CPU. OpenBSD also has many ports to different architectures.”

“However, the main difference lies in its extensive code review.
OpenBSD’s team reviews all code, looking for possible exploits as
well as any other userland exploits. OpenBSD has bragging rights in
that it has had “three years without a remote hole in the default
install!” This may not seem much of a feat, but compared to other
OS default installs that have had serious holes on the system, this
is quite impressive.”

“The reason I’ve stuck with FreeBSD is that, for the most part,
it has very good support for Intel hardware. It lets me use many
different types of hardware like RAID controllers and network
cards. And FreeBSD also has good support for low level system
calls, and a very large port tree.”


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