webTechniques: There’s a Bug in my Guinness [Red Hat Linux 7.0 Review]

“About seven months after the release of Red Hat Linux 6.2,
October brought the release of Red Hat Linux 7.0 (named Guinness).
There were many new features with this release, especially for the
desktop user, but how had the product improved on the server side?
Note that in the server installation there’s no X, no sound, and a
lot of the refinements that are so nice in a desktop environment
are lacking.”

“On boot, Guinness comes up much like 6.2. There are some
welcome changes, like a 2.2.16-based kernel rather than the older
2.2.14. Once you’re in the system, batten down the hatches. A quick
look at /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/ told me that a few risky or unnecessary
services had been started. I can’t fathom why PCMCIA services start
under the default server config.”

“The worst offender is rhnsd-Red Hat’s Network Service
Daemon-the remote update utility that contains an embarrassing bug.
A full bug report is available at
www.redhat.com/support/errata/RHBA-2000-081-05.html. While rhnsd is
a nice idea for the uneducated user, it will repulse live-server
system administrators in much the same way Windows Update upsets
NT/2000 admins.”


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