Weekend Project: Set Up a Personal Wiki on Linux with TiddlyWiki

“Want to use a wiki to store your notes, thoughts, recipes, or
just the best Charlie Sheen quotes you’ve heard today? Try setting
up a personal wiki, like TiddlyWiki. It’s easy, lightweight, and
you can set it up and customize it in a weekend.

“You’re no doubt familiar with MediaWiki, the wiki that powers
Wikipedia. MediaWiki is a powerful wiki engine and great if you
need to share a wiki with a lot of people for work or a project.
But it’s a bit too heavy for a single-user unless you enjoy
maintaining a MySQL database and Web server to run it. It’s not
ridiculously hard, but it’s more work than I feel like doing just
for a wiki.

“TiddlyWiki, on the other hand, is a single-file download. You
open it in the browser and that’s it. Why do you need a weekend?
Because it’ll take a bit to get used to its conventions and it’s
very extensible.”

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