Weekend Project: Taking the Next Step with Linux after the Install

“You’ve installed Linux. Now what? A lot of folks hear great
things about Linux, decide to try it out, and then aren’t really
sure where to go from there. Relax, and take the weekend to get
settled with your brand new Linux install.

“One of the things I’ve run into time and again when
recommending Linux to people is that they find Linux easy enough to
install, but then don’t know where to go next. So here’s a
step-by-step guide to setting up Linux for new users. If you’ve
been using Linux for a while, most of this is going to be obvious.
But every day is somebody’s first day with Linux, so here’s to the
new users who need a little nudge in the right direction.

“For the purpose of this piece, we’ll assume that you’re running
Ubuntu Linux. The overall suggestions should hold true for most of
the Linux distributions, but some of the particulars (like the
Ubuntu Software Center) will not translate exactly to other

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