What�s next for MeeGo? Join openSUSE, says Jos Poortvliet

[ Thanks to Linux User & Developer magazine for this
link. ]

A while ago Intel and Samsung announced a new
initiative under the Linux Foundation umbrella: Tizen. Tizen is a
Linux OS for embedded use building on HTML5 and CSS. Cool? Well,
maybe. If you’ve been involved with MeeGo, the Linux Foundation’s
previous embedded Linux OS, you’re probably not too happy right

Yes, MeeGo will have to go. For them, as Richard Dale wrote,
it’s Tizen or Tizen’t. The MeeGo community had no say in the merger
of Moblin and Maemo to MeeGo, nor did they in the birth of Tizen.

Don’t be. Remember OpenOffice.org? MySQL, Solaris? Large
companies have shown time and time again that they change direction

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