What can all managers learn from Free, Open Source Software?

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for this link. ]

“The 2010 edition of the Free/Open Source Software in
Academia Conference (fOSSa) was an interesting event, about which I
will publish a general report here at Stop!/Zona-M in a couple of
days. In this page, instead, I intend to present something I found
in common among several fOSSa talks. Something that is relevant for
everybody who cares about effective business and human resources
management in any sector, not just in the software industry.

“Big Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) development projects have
much less coordination requirements than projects of the same size
in traditional companies. They don’t happen by magic, though: lots
of planning and coordination, that is good management, are needed
to make them succeed. Speaking on this subject at fOSSa Martin
Michlmayr pointed out, among other things, that:

“1. essential qualities of a good FOSS Project Manager are
leadership, coordination, organization, planning, people
motivation: for Martin, the last point includes making sure that
project members feel that they helping other people outside the
project community, to solve REAL problems they have”

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