What is linux.com trying to achieve?

[ Thanks to Sam
for this link. ]

“The Foundation, formed by a merger of the Open Source
Development Labs and the Free Standards Group at the beginning of
2007, has gained a remarkable amount of press attention in its
short existence, at times for its undemocratic approach to the
dissemination of information.

“In the past, both executive director Jim Zemlin and one of its
employees, Amanda McPherson, have tried to create their own
publicity, Zemlin by interviewing Novell chief Ron Hovsepian.

“But such methods have been shown to bomb badly – ultimately it
comes down to the fundamental question: which organisation would
reveal its warts to the public? Every bit of media put out by a
company, foundation or any other body puts a positive spin on what
it disseminates. The glass is always half-full.”


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