What Non-Techies Should Know About The Command Line

[ Thanks to D.C.
for this link. ]

“So you have GNU/Linux installed, and your friends are
congratulating you on being the king of your computing castle. But
you quickly lose that majestic feeling when you find yourself
needing a Bash prompt, and start feeling like this whole GNU/Linux
thing is a royal pain. The Bash prompt need not give you the
feeling of having to issue royal decrees in a foreign language
you’ve never even heard of, let alone speak fluently.

“I started with computers when you had to install DOS 6.22 and
then install Windows 3.11 on top of that. So I quickly became
fairly familiar with both the command line and the graphical
shells. I once wrote a batch file menu in DOS, and I have compiled
programs from source…”

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