What’s New In Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala”

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The first new technology that I would like to outline is called
Upstart. I thought it was fitting to outline this feature first
because it is integral within the boot process. Without the
improvements in Upstart, Ubuntu would not be able to boot as fast
as it currently does. Upstart has been used, incrementally, in
Ubuntu since version 6.10 but with Ubuntu 9.10 it has made the
transition complete. Without going into too much detail, Upstart
was designed to replace the aging System-V init system that is
commonly found on Linux distributions…

Ubuntu has also made another big change to the boot process with
XSplash. XSplash is replacing the previous USplash, which was known
to cause issues. I have noticed that XSplash seems faster, as well
as addressing the compatibility issues caused by its predecessor. I
think you’ll also enjoy the new bootup graphic. This is another
step towards Ubuntus goal of a ten-second boot process by Ubuntu
10.04, which is due out in April of 2010…

“EXT4 Filesystem
The previous version of Ubuntu, version 9.04, offered the ext4
filesystem as an option, but not as a default. After six-months of
testing and stabilization I am also happy to announce that ext4
will be enabled by default in Ubuntu 9.10.”

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