What’s really going on with Ubuntu Unity

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link. ]

“As Debian is to Ubuntu, so GNOME is to Unity. What do
I mean by that? Well, once upon a time there was an operating
system called Debian. It was, and is, a powerful version of Linux.
Outside of the Linux community, though, almost no one had ever
heard of it. Then Ubuntu came along, built its own easy-to-use
distribution on top of Debian, and now it’s arguably the most
popular Linux in the world.

“Yesterday, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, the company
behind Ubuntu, announced at the Ubuntu Developer Summit that Ubuntu
was switching its default desktop from GNOME to Unity, a
GNOME-based shell interface. Guess what he hopes will happen?

“If you answered, create a desktop interface that will bring
millions more desktop users to Ubuntu, congratulations, you win a

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