Where native Linux app development stands

“The article in question was Bruce Byfield’s Linux Magazine blog
entry that highlighted a Launchpad bug discussion about one Ubuntu
developer’s concern that Canonical was basically disconnected from
the Ubuntu community with their constant insistence that the Unity
interface not be as configurable as prior interfaces.

“I’ll let you read Byfield’s article, since it keenly
illustrates the division of thought between the old and the new
Linux community. But this division, and all of the trouble it’s
caused, suddenly has me wondering if we’re not all looking at the
wrong thing.

“The Unity argument intrigues me on several levels. On the most
personal level, it interests me because, well, I’m not the biggest
Unity fan, either. I like the interface as a concept, but like most
Linux users, I miss the capability to configure the interface more
to my liking. “

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