Whirlwind Intro to Audacity on Linux: From Recording to CD in One Lesson

[ Thanks to Carla
for this link. ]

“Let’s cut right to the fun part and start making a recording.
Audacity should be in your distro’s software repositories for easy
installation. Then scrounge up a microphone from somewhere and plug
it in. Make sure it goes into the microphone port, and not a
headphone or speaker port. Your computer, whether it’s a laptop or
a desktop PC, should follow the color conventions for audio

“Pink — analog mic
“Light blue — stereo line input
“Lime green — stereo out
“Black — rear surround speakers for 5.1 and 7.1 surround
“Orange — center surround or subwoofer
“Gray or Silver — middle surround speakers 7.1 systems

“There are variations on this pretty scheme, so consult your
sound card or motherboard manual if it doesn’t look right. Or avoid
all this tiny colored 3.5mm TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) port madness and
get a sleek USB headset.”

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