Who is the largest LUG in the World? – Who Cares?

After SVLUG’s editorial about
large LUGs, Peter Toft, Chairman of SSLUG, responds.

“The well known Linux User group SVLUG (Silicon Valley Linux
User Group) has recently posted an editorial, written by Ian Kluft.
Its basis is very wrong, hence it seems that I need to reply.”

“In the past SSLUG was the only major Linux User Group in
Denmark, but now, there are several new User Groups forming across
Denmark. In Sweden there are 16 different User Groups including
SSLUG – and in Denmark we are currently five.”

“We would rather want to cooperate with SVLUG about Linux-stuff.
“World domination fast ;-)” There is no time for internal
competition. Concour the world not your partners. We don’t know how
many people we have helped getting started with Linux, and that is
not important. When the press write that Linux has increased it’s
installed base with 212% in 1998, we feel big. SVLUG, SSLUG and a
lot of other LUG’s made this happend.”

“The editorial is based on a VERY WRONG way to think! This is
not a competition”

“We should NOT use our time to start flame wars – still we have
mountains to climb, before Open Source wins it’s final victory (but
we are getting there).”

“Let’s stop this and get back to work.”

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