Who needs games when you’ve got bling.

[ Thanks to Niall C.
for this link. ]

“I chose the Fedora 11 game spin DVD as I was
interested to see if it would captivate him long enough to get him
genuinely interested in Linux. I downloaded and installed it on my
sons computer, it was running Windows Vista previously and he was
happy with what Vista provided for him but like any kid, was
excited to see the ‘new linux’.

“Using the Fedora live DVD installer I made the computer
dual-boot between Linux and Windows and I challenged him to try
Linux for a month. He was excited by the idea but he wanted to know
if his favorite game Counter Stike Source would work in Linux, I
said we’d check it out.

“He kept saying keywords like ‘beryl’ and ‘redhat’ and I knew
this would be interesting. I explained the Linux basics to him,
told him only to use root for installing or configuring things, and
created a login for him on the linux-noob forums so he could post
his questions and screenshots.”


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