Why do people accept faulty operating systems?

[ Thanks to Locutus
for this link. ]

“Average people, the kind you see walking down the
street, buying milk at the grocery store and frequenting Walmart,
Kmart and other similar retail chains are a very fickle bunch. They
are also very demanding. Not one of them would accept damaged goods
willingly. If they buy a television and it doesn’t work they take
it back. If they buy an item of clothing and it is damaged in some
manner it is sent back post haste. If they buy a piece of meat and
two hours later it is green, that piece of meat is forcefully
returned to the butcher (LLBC).

“Yet, when it comes to computers. These same people who throw a
raving screaming tantrum when a button on their new DVD player is
loose will accept a computer with a faulty operating system.”

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