Why free software is not a job killer

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“I have to take Dr. Spencer at his word as far as the lack of IT
(or ICT as they say on that side of the pond) jobs he would
certainly know better than I. For my own part, there seem to be IT
gigs at the universities and colleges in my neck of the woods, but
I also know for a fact that the use of FLOSS in those institutions
is minimal. Which bolsters Spencer’s point: where there is
proprietary software, there is the need to support it, which
creates more work.

“At first, this seems a little bit odd. As much as I love and
enjoy using FLOSS and value it for its steadiness and security, I
also understand that I must also devote some time to maintaining
it, just like any proprietary system. What’s funny about my
particular situation is that because I don’t use Windows that
often, I actually spend more time maintaining security updates on
my Linux machines than I do my Windows client. But when you only
use a PC an hour a week or so, versus near-24/7 uptime, you get
that. If I were using my Windows computer more often, I know the
maintenance time would be much higher.”

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