Why I Love Unix

“I love Unix because of all the wonderful things that I can do
on the command line. When I first used Unix in 1983, it was love on
first sight. With a list of the most basic commands by my side, I
quickly discovered how much I could accomplish with several command
strings strung together. Unix was nothing like what I’d been using
up to that point in my brief data processing career. It was clever,
modular and logical. With tools like grep and languages like awk,
it was quite a bit of fun to discover how easily I could make the
system do my bid. My ability to capture sequences of commands
easily into scripts made it possible for me to encapsulate my
clever commands, even share them with coworkers. The Unix culture
seemed innovative, inviting my participation in creating an
environment that really worked for me.

“Soon after discovering Unix, I went from being a programmer in
the federal court system to being a Unix systems administration for
a federal agency. I encountered my first systems built by Sun
Microsystems — Sun 2 and Sun 3 systems (these predated Sparc and