Why is ZDNet Asia Reporting a Linux Identity Crisis?

“More times than not publicity, given open source software by
major news/information outlets, proves a mixed blessing. Part of
the reason is that we’ve reached an inflection point of awareness
as it relates to open source software. The topic continues to be
mentioned enough such that I can talk about the basics with my mom
and have her follow along quite well. However, there is nothing
near a solid understanding of open source that can remotely qualify
as pervasive. When combined with the fact that strongly held bold
opinions, i.e. flamebait, tends to attract more readers than
in-depth, factual analysis, the result is the proliferation of
articles like the one from ZDNet Asia which ‘reports’ that there is
a Linux identity crisis.

“Since I actually commend Don Reisinger’s effort to tackle the
complex subject of categorizing the inherently distributed and
diverse Linux community, I won’t spend much time debunking or
critiquing his views…”

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