Windows 7 Sales Up, But is it Really a Hit?

“The numbers are in and Windows 7 sales are strong, but with
lagging PC sales and increased competition from other operating
systems, is Windows in trouble? Apple recently reported one of its
best quarters ever, and interest is high in current and future
products coming out of Cupertino. Then there’s the recent release
of the latest Linux distribution, Ubuntu 9.10, and let’s not forget
pressure from Google Chrome OS, scheduled for release in the second
half of next year. Put it all together, and we may be slowly
approaching the end of Windows’ dominance.

“Windows 7’s U.S. sales were 234 percent higher over the first
few days of its availabilty compared to Vista sales over a similar
time period. But to get there, Microsoft had to go the extra mile
and offer what were, by Microsoft standards, some deep

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