Windows Legacy Apps vs. Linux Desktop Adopters?

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for this link. ]

“In a previous article on Linux-Window desktop
competition, I shared my thoughts on why desktop Linux shouldn’t
focus on competing with Windows. Not because Linux can’t compete,
but because Linux can stand its ground on its own merits without
being held against Windows for comparison. I believe most groups
within the Linux community can agree on, despite their differences
on other issues.

“Now let’s ask a bigger question. Is it not possible that the
real culprit that prevents people from trying new platforms like
Linux is actually due to legacy software and familiarity with the
Windows desktop? Seems plausible that the above hurdles could be a
common challenge faced by prospective Linux adopters, does it

“Let’s dig in a bit deeper.

“Diving into the unfamiliar

“Think back to when you first started using Linux on your
desktop. Unless you already had some Unix training in your
background, the odds are pretty good that you were coming from
Microsoft Windows and looking for greener pastures.”

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