WinNTMag.com: Thank You Microsoft

[ Thanks to Jason Burke
for this link. ]

“Although I’m a young Microsoft-centric network administrator,
I’ve heard a lot of hoopla about Linux. So much so that I decided
to buy a copy of SuSE Linux 6.2 to see what all the excitement was
about. I’m halfway through the installation process (or at least I
think I am), and I had to stop and say “thanks” to Microsoft. It’s
still early in the process, but I’m already forming some opinions
about Linux.”

“First, the OS must be for UNIX heads, which I’m not. How
anyone can consider this software advanced is beyond me. Second, I
realize now why Linux supporters think it’s so stable. Linux is
stable for the same reasons DOS was stable. My DOS systems in the
late 80s and early 90s never crashed, but only because they didn’t
do that much and were hard for the uninitiated to navigate.
far, Linux looks like DosNet, a DOS version of a network server.
Finally, even if the software were free, I wouldn’t revert from
Windows 98 to DOS, so I can’t imagine why Windows NT users would
want to switch to Linux. This way of thinking is like saying, “The
latest, most advanced stone-age flint chips ever sold. Trade your
gas furnace for one today!” I’m sure I’ll see where Linux actually
performs once I get it installed, but I doubt I’ll find anything
interesting or new.”


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