Wired: Amiga: It’s Alive, Alive!

Reports of the Amiga computer’s long-awaited revival
apparently are not exaggerated in the least.

“Amino Corp., which bought Amiga’s assets from Gateway in an
unlikely December sale, plans to announce an “OS partner” on
Saturday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The
partner will likely be building new Amiga computers based on
Amiga-OS 3.5, the most recent release of the operating

“In what must have been a new year’s resolution because that’s
the simplest way to explain the transaction, Gateway sold all of
the assets of Amiga computer to Amino Corp., whose president, Bill
McEwan, worked for Amiga when it was a Gateway subsidiary.”

“McEwan was unceremoniously dumped along with Amiga president
Jim Collas at the end of August. Shortly after their departure,
Gateway said plans for new hardware had been scrapped. That had
been the last word out of Gateway until the sale.”