Wired: Landmark Linux Tome Updated

“It’s been called “the definitive work on open source evolution”
and a “landmark piece of information technology,” and for once, all
those gushing superlatives aren’t an overstatement.”

“Eric Raymond’s The Cathedral & The Bazaar: Musings on Linux
and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary is a must-read for
those who want to understand the ethics and rationale of the
open-source and free software communities.”

“Think you’ve read it already? You probably haven’t. Raymond has
often said that the book is an ongoing project that will probably
never be finished, and he’s recently updated the book again with
significant new material.”

“The Cathedral & the Bazaar was originally published online
and Raymond continues to update the electronic version of the

“O’Reilly Publishing, which has the commercial print rights to
the book, has just released a revised and expanded edition in a
paperback edition.”

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