Wired/Reuters: Opto-Chip for Infinite Bandwidth

“A device that operates at very low voltage but can quickly
convert signals into optical transmissions promises to make surfing
the Web a snap, researchers said on Thursday.”

It can convert electric signals into optical transmissions
at a rate of 100 gigabytes of information per second,
Larry Dalton, a chemist at the University of Washington and
University of Southern California who helped lead the study.”

“‘These electro-optic modulators will permit real-time
communication. You won’t have to wait for your computer to download
even the largest files,’ Dalton said in a statement.”

“‘We’ll be able to take telephone signals, computer data, TV
signals — any type of signal you can think of — put it on fiber
optic, route it around the world with almost no optical signal
loss, and accomplish this with infinite bandwidth,’ he added.”

“‘It has the potential of revolutionizing the way we all