Wired: Windows Outstuffs Linux in Poll

Who’s the better ballot-stuffer, penguin heads or Windows

“That may have been a better question than the one MSNBC posted
over the weekend, asking its readers to rate the “Best Operating

“Microsoft supporters deny that the software giant has any
influence over MSNBC’s news coverage, and insist that it was
actually the Linux users who tried to stuff the ballot box.”

“MSNBC and Microsoft were unavailable for immediate and official
comment but an MSNBC associate who requested anonymity claims that
the “odd swing in the votes was just a system correction to reflect
the real results.'”

“‘Linux Today had told all its readers to go over to the site
and vote for Linux,’ the MSNBC associate said. ‘And it appears that
a substantial number of them voted several times. The system was a
bit slow in sorting out the valid votes from the not-valid ones.
But there was nothing unethical going on.'”