WordPress 2.5 Review

“I have been blogging for many years. During that time I have
used many other platforms including hosted software from BlogCity.
TypePad, and Blogger. I also used Moveable Type briefly and a
highly customized version of Joomla! (before that MamboCMS). Last
fall I switched to WordPress as my primary blog platform. Though I
haven’t been bowled over by WordPress I have come to the conclusion
that it is the best blogging platform for me because it’s
easy-to-use, has the widest variety of features, extensible, and
it’s open source (with a thriving community of developers–over 90
developers were credited with contributing to this release).

“[Friday] the long awaited and somewhat delayed WordPress 2.5
was released. Today, I updated my installation today and though I
had a few problems the upgrade to the new version was definitely
worth it…”