Workplace 4.2 released

The production version of TeamWave Workplace 4.2 has been released, and
binaries can now be downloaded from our web site.  Thanks to everyone who
helped out by beta testing.  The main features of 4.2 are:

   * new server-side licensing model, and anonymous guest licenses
   * new software development kit for third party developers
   * a new tool for sharing PowerPoint slide presentations

Workplace is a full-featured visual collaboration package, offering
shared whiteboards, chat, image annotation, slide shows, file transfer,
discussion groups, etc.  Teams can use Workplace's fully persistent
rooms for real-time meetings, or for longer term projects.  Both
client and server run on Linux, Windows, Mac and a few other Unixes.

Also, please note that our prices on regular licenses have been reduced,
by as much as 50%!  Keep in mind also that online orders placed before
March 15 will be at an additional 10% off (20% for guest licenses).

Info and downloads at http://www.teamwave.com/

Mark Roseman <[email protected]>
TeamWave Software Ltd.