World’s Smallest Web Server Fits in a Shirt Pocket

“Vaughan Pratt has created the world’s smallest web server, a
matchbox-sized device that is small enough to fit into a shirt

“Pratt assembled his matchbook computer from off-the-shelf
components. Other than a power supply, the tiny server is complete.
In tech terms, it consists of an AMD 486-SX computer with a 66
megahertz central processing unit, 16 megabytes of random access
memory (RAM), and 16 megabytes of flash read-only memory

“It is connected to the Internet through a parallel port and
runs a cut-down version of Linux…” the new Stanford web server is
one of thefirst projects of a new Wearables Lab that Pratt has
started. The lab is modeled after an older and larger program at
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Both labs are developing
computer technology that can be incorporated directly into

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