Xandros Co-Founder Berenstein Dies

“‘I have the sad duty to announce that Dr. Frederick H.
Berenstein, our co-founder and Chairman, died on September 6, 2005,
after a courageous battle over many years,’ Xandros CEO, Andreas
Typaldos, announced today. ‘Beyond Rick’s vision, inspiration, and
leadership, which our industry, our company, and all of us will
miss, I will personally miss his example of quiet courage, and his
indomitable will, and determination. It is that courage and will,
which enabled him to fight his illness, that also inspired Rick to
push Linux forward, ahead of most other people, through visionary
investments in companies such Ximian, CodeWeavers, and finally
Xandros. His belief in the inevitability of Linux, from the days
when I first met Rick in 1999 as one of his founding group of
investors in Linux Global Partners, the Linux incubator that he had
co-founded with Wm. Jay Roseman, was infectious and hard to argue
with,’ Typaldos continued. ‘There simply will not be another like