XYZ Computing: Interview with Rickford Grant, Author of Linux Made Easy

[ Thanks to Swank1 for this link. ]

Does Windows have any place in an ideal computing
world? What does Windows XP have that desktop Linux should try to
emulate or at least use as an example?

“Operating systems are always emulating something from one
another. Call it stealing if you like, but it pays off for the end
user. Windows ripped off the whole Mac concept, and then the Mac
folks came back and ripped off a bit of this and hat from Windows.
Linux has ripped all sorts of things from them both, and the big
boys in Renton and Cupertino are returning the compliment. It all
works out very well, actually. As for what Linux should emulate
from XP, I can’t really say because I think they have already done
a lot of emulating as it is. KDE in particular is really all very
Windows-esque, albeit much better…”

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