ZDNet: Rooting For The Underdog

Sam Ockman outlines why Red Hat’s domination of the Linux market
is a good thing.

“There have always been a number of Linux distributions, but
recently a Linux World poll showed that 74% of 900 respondents feel
that Red Hat is becoming synonymous with Linux. The general feeling
in the Linux community is that Red Hat has gotten too big, and that
it’s bad for Linux overall. “Down with Red Hat”, may not be the
current rallying cry, but that day could be just around the

“Red Hat deserves to be the dominant player in the Linux
community, because they’ve done so many things right. Red Hat is
the most free of all the commercial Linux distributions. They’ve
always put the software they write under the Gnu Public

“Similarly, Caldera has a business oriented Linux distribution
which has, unfortunately, always relied upon proprietary

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