ZDNet: Trillian to pay off?

“Trillian, which began as an effort by Intel to develop Linux
for Itanium, may pay off in spades for the company. The group
delivered a development release of Linux for Itanium last

“Trillian has catalyzed the development of a number of 64-bit
Linux releases from a number of Trillian members. Turbo Linux, for
example, recently announced an alpha version of its 64-bit Linux.
Members Red Hat and SuSE are expected to offer development releases
of their own 64-bit Linux releases for Itanium this quarter,
sources said.”

Production releases of 64-bit Linux releases are expected
in the third quarter of this year, sources said. They will likely
be timed with the first shipments of Itanium workstations and
servers from system manufacturers.

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