ZDNN: HP jumps on Linux bandwagon

Thanks to Leo Comitale for
this link.

“The computer maker’s expected to announce broad support for
fast-growing operating system.”

“HP will embrace a facet of Linux that others have shirked: The
open development community.”

“In systems, HP plans to add Linux support to its PA-RISC
high-end servers”

“HP will contribute software to the open source community that
it develops and plans further ports of its own applications to
Linux. The Palo Alto, Calif., company already supports its
service-level management application, Firehunter, as a Linux
application. But Caccamo said to expect bigger announcements with
applications — including, possibly, its OpenView management

“Linux is being deployed as infrastructure servers in places
where it’s not replacing anything, so it’s not displacing NT that
much. NT is so strong in the workgroup, price-sensitive market. But
I think Linux does well in replacing NT in areas like distributed
replicated site applications, such as in retail. It’s a
price-sensitive industry rolling out a number of identical,
single-purpose systems. Linux suits that well.”


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