ZDTV: Perl 6: What I Did This Summer [Interview with Larry Wall]

“Perl is a bit like a vacation spot. It’s been built up over the
years, and people like to pretend it’s a recreational area. There’s
always some new bit to explore. Perl was never intended to be a
simple computer language. It was intended to be useful, and

“Perl has succeeded in being useful not just for CGI
programming, but for almost any job related to text processing.
Perl has produced a culture all its own. I can’t begin to tell you
everything that goes on in the universe of Perl, but if you visit
Perl Mongers or Perl.com, you can get a taste.”

“If a million people know and love Perl 5, why did I decide to
rewrite it?”

“Just because Perl 5 is good doesn’t mean we can’t make Perl 6
better. A month after we announced the effort to write Perl 6,
we already had nearly 200 Official Suggestions for things we could
do to make Perl more useful. The Perl community is obviously
extremely excited that Perl is continuing to evolve.

Complete Story
[Ed. Note: Primarily video]

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