ZDTV: Show & Tell — Linux vs. Windows 2000

Thanks to D Weber for
this link.

“Every time your PC crashes, you can’t resolve a hardware
conflict, or that accursed Blue Screen of Death stares you in the
face, you wonder: Is it time to switch operating systems?
Specifically, is it time to make the move to Linux? You’ve heard
how great it is– a free operating system that never crashes and
only needs the barest-bones configuration of a 386 processor and
16MB of RAM.

“Many of the stories about Linux’s iron-clad reliability are
true. But before you abandon Windows 95, 98, or NT– or abandon
hope that Windows 2000 will fix its predecessors’ problems–
consider some key points. PC Computing compared Windows 2000 and
the most current version of Red Hat Linux in four crucial areas:
installation and setup, reliability, applications, and support.
Here’s a rundown.”

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