Zend.com: Zend Optimizer for PHP 4.0 now available

“Zend Technologies Ltd. has released the Zend Optimizer, now
available for free download from www.zend.com. The Zend
Optimizer speeds up the execution of PHP code, and is now available
in a version compatible with the current beta 4 release of PHP
The Zend Optimizer uses multi-pass code optimizations to
double the running speed of PHP 4.0 applications. This is done by
running several optimization passes on the code, created by the
run-time compiler, before the code is executed.”

“An application that uses the Zend Optimizer typically executes
40 percent to 100 percent faster than one that doesn’t. This means
visitors to Optimized sites get faster download times, translating
to more transactions per second and higher customer satisfaction.
Faster response also means that businesses may be able to save on
server hardware or increase the services offered. In short, using
the Zend Optimizer means an increase in profits for those engaged
in eBusiness.”

“The Optimizer has obvious benefits for all PHP users. The
increase in speed for running PHP code reduces the CPU load for the
server, and cuts in half latency time, that is, the time between
the instant the user clicks on a link and the time the processors
begins to retrieve the page.”