Zero Knowledge Systems announces plans for a Linux port of “Freedom”

Thanks to steve wallach
for the tip-off.

“The unique nature of the Internet and digital communications
has created serious threats to individual privacy. In the physical
world, once a phone call is disconnected, the conversation is over.
If you do not want to be overheard, you can find a private place to

“The Internet is different. The Internet can maintain a recorded
trail of all you do–email can be read by others long after it was
sent, web surfing habits can be traced and newsgroup postings made
today can still be linked to you years from now. Do you have to
accept this technological invasion? No. There is something you can
do, and it is easy.”

“We call it Freedom.”

“Like Freedom for the Mac, we are planning a client version of
Freedom for Linux. Stay tuned to this spot for
upcoming release dates!”

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