32 Bits Online: Linux for Business

“Caldera Systems has been pushing its Linux distribution
towards the business community since its beginnings.

Unfortunately, Businesses have always been weary of adopting and OS
that is not developed by one company. We interview Keith
Parsons who gave an interview at the Linux for Business road

“A few days ago I got an announcement from the New York Linux
User’s Group about an upcoming seminar called “Linux For Business”
being put on by the Institute for Network Professionals (INP) right
near where I work. It was on a Tuesday night, and my wife was at
class, so I decided to go have a look.”

“I came to the seminar fully armed with a $9.95 digital audio
recorder from Radio Shack with the full intention of interviewing
Keith. During the talk I had scribbled down some questions to ask
him. I brazenly stepped forward, proclaimed myself to be “an
associate editor for 32BitsOnline magazine” and started asking

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