5 Best Linux Business Intelligence Suites

Pricing takes a bit of work to nail down; it pays to talk to the nice salespeople and let them help you sort it all out. All of these BI suites have free software downloads, and free community support. All of them offer multiple modules, custom support and engineering services, and training and documentation. So the answer to “how much will it cost” is always “it depends.”

For example, Jaspersoft sells self-support packages for its free community edition that range from $99 to $999 per year for 1,800+ pages of product documentation, access to the knowledge base, and a number of Web-based support incidents. SpagoBI offers three levels of email support that range from about $1,300 to $6,500 per year.
Online training courses range from free to a few hundred dollars and even to $1,200+ for live online sessions.

Software licenses and custom engineering are especially “it depends.” Your total first-year costs can easily hit $10,000 for a small shop. Presumably you’ll spend less on support and training after your first year. Still, that’s considerably less than the traditional proprietary offerings from SAP, IBM Cognos,  SAS and other old-time proprietary BI vendors.