Adding Users and Aliases for Postfix

“Postfix is a great mailer, but if you’re new to administering
Postfix, finding your way around can be difficult. For example,
just finding information on adding users to a Postfix system can be
quite a trial.

“In part, this is because Postfix can be set up in a number of
ways. Some installations use Postfix alone, others use Postfix in
conjunction with other apps and store user information in MySQL.
You can have users who have actual accounts on a system, or you can
have users on virtual domains that don’t have a login but still
receive mail. Or you might want aliases that include several users,
so everybody on the “marketing” list gets mail or all folks in
sales, legal or development can receive messages.

“For this tip, I’ll assume that you’ve inherited a Postfix
domain and want a way to add users or aliases quickly.”

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