Baracus: Novell’s New Open Source Network Boot Project

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“Novell officially announced the Baracus open project
this week as a new effort to provide a network-based boot manager
for provisioning and managing systems.

“Baracus includes remote boot, provisioning and power management
as well as the ability to image, clone and backup systems. With
Baracus, Novell is aiming to provide expanded remote boot
capabilities beyond what is currently available in open source by
way of the Etherboot project and its related technologies.

“”Baracus leverages etherboot/gpxe as a network-aware BIOS
bootloader to chain a managed payload,” Daniel Westervelt,
principal architect of the Baracus project told InternetNews.com.
“Legacy pxe had become too limiting in its ability to scale and
provide higher level networking functions necessary for modern data
center deployments.””

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