Build Your Own Linux Test Server

[ Thanks to Amy Newman for this link.

“A high-end CPU and motherboard along with a potentially large
number of disk drives demands a heavy-duty power supply.
Thermaltake came to the rescue here providing us with their
Toughpower Grand (TPG) 750W power supply. This unit outputs almost
twice the power you would expect to get from a typical
off-the-shelf unit. The TPG power supply uses the modular connector
approach to give you added flexibility when it comes to providing
power to just about anything you would need to drive. An ample
supply of cables with multiple connectors comes with every TPG unit
and more than met our needs (see Figure 5). Another nice touch with
this unit is the mounting pads meant to help isolate the power
supply from the case. This helps cut down on any extra vibration
the power supply might introduce due to its fan.”