Business Week: Seems Gateway Isn’t the Friend Amiga Fans Thought It Was

“The computer maker was going to revive the revered machine
— but now it has other plans…”

“Amiga’s new owner, Gateway Inc., promised to resurrect the
machine as a sleek Web cruiser by this Christmas.”

“Alas, it’s not to be. Gateway has dropped plans to build the
new machine. Instead, it will focus on creating a user-friendly
interface that will link Internet appliances over home

“Amiga hopes to have test versions of the new interface that
will link wireless tablets with TVs, and toasters with phones.
Built upon Sun Microsystem’s Java and Jini technologies, and with
the Linux operating system at its core, the interface will allow
users to control devices or download content off the Web with
simple touch or spoken commands.

“The new strategy appears to have jelled in recent weeks.”