Business Week: What Windows 2000 May Mean for Investors

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“It’ll affect nearly every computer-industry player as corporate
customers gradually adopt it”

“Right now, Microsoft says that the program will be launched
before the end of 1999. That’s a believable date. But if it slips,
the product’s reputation will begin to suffer while it’s still in
the womb.”

“So far, the signs aren’t all that encouraging. One computer
consultant for a company testing a beta version of Windows 2000 —
who wishes to remain anonymous — says that it, too, frequently
crashes. ‘We spent most of our time rebooting the whole system,
even more so than with NT 4.’ To be fair, though, every computer
program is unstable during beta testing.”

“Will Linux blow out the candles on Windows 2000’s birthday
cake? Right now, it’s hard to say. Linux has grown quickly, mostly
at the expense of other Unix operating systems, but it’s a far cry
from the feature-rich Windows 2000. One promising sign for Linux
proponents is how quickly it seems to be able to adapt. Just six
months ago it had no widely accepted graphical user interface, but
it now has two very popular ones, KDE and Gnome, both of which have
quickly evolved into workable computing environments.”

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