Business Wire: Applix Launches Open Source Initiative With Applix SHELF; Embeddable, Graphical Programming Language Now Available for Applixware

“Applix, Inc. (NASDAQ:APLX), a leader in decision support
applications for Linux and Unix workstations, today launched its
first Open Source initiative with Applix SHELF, an embeddable,
full-featured programming language for use with the Applixware
office suite. With SHELF added to Applixware’s Extension Language
Facility (ELF), application developers will be able to increase
customization and extensibility of their applications by embedding
Applixware language in their products.”

“Both Applixware and Applix SHELF are available for all major
distributions of Linux, including Red Hat, SuSE, Caldera, and
Slackware. They are also available for Sun, IBM, Compaq, and
Hewlett Packard Workstations, as well as for Microsoft Windows 98
and NT. Applix SHELF is being released under the GNU Library Public
License (LPGL), as defined by the Free Software Foundation,
Cambridge, MA. Under LPGL, Applix SHELF is freely usable in either
the original or modified form. It is available now for free
download at Applix’s new Open Source-oriented website:


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