Charting and Graphing Logfiles for Linux Server Admins

“Some Linux server admins are comfortable with wading through
text logfiles, but why wade when you can create beautiful charts
and graphs that highlight trouble spots? Try the excellent
CairoPlot for beautiful, informative visual server log

“As a data junkie, I’m forever looking for better ways to
display charts and graphs, especially from Python. There are lots
of Python plotting packages available, but if you want output
that’s pretty enough that even your Mac friends won’t laugh, the
best bet I’ve found is CairoPlot.

“CairoPlot isn’t packaged for most distros, but it’s an easy
install. The current release is version 1.1 at the CairoPlot
Launchpad page. You can download the cairoplot-1.1.tar.gz from
there, or check it out with bzr if you prefer.”