CNET News.com: Turbolinux plans to acquire services company Linuxcare

“Turbolinux and Linuxcare, two established Linux companies that
missed the prime time to go public, are in merger discussions.”

“The two companies have started discussions to band together, a
Linuxcare spokeswoman confirmed Friday. ‘We have services, and they
have products,’ she said. The details haven’t been settled yet, the
spokeswoman said, and a final agreement hasn’t been signed.”

“The merger would be a dramatic change of direction for both
companies. Turbolinux has focused on selling Linux products that
package the open-source operating system with higher-level software
such as databases, but it has avoided the approach of its major
competitor, Red Hat, which sells services. Linuxcare, by contrast,
has focused on providing services and technical support for all
versions of Linux, including ones from Turbolinux and its
competitors, Red Hat, SuSE and Caldera Systems.”


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