Consulting Times: Hiser on SCO v. IBM, Part 3: Media’s Mad Dash from a Sinking Ship

[ Thanks to Sam Hiser
for this link. ]

“Wow! Here’s is a noticeable shift of frequency AND amplitude
from one of tech-media’s loudest defenders of proprietary
software’s intellectual property rights, Yankee Group’s public
relations ‘analyst,’ Laura DiDeo [sic]. She says SCO’s
drive on the car companies is Hara-kiri.

“Commenting to the Salt Lake Tribune on SCO’s freshly minted
lawsuits against Linux users, Autozone and DaimlerChrystler, she

“‘It’s either a bold bet-the-company move [to add lawsuits] or a
suicide gambit. Right now, the majority of the industry views it as
the latter.’

“Setting aside that the auto-lawsuits are irrelevant until the
main event against IBM is finished, this is a true


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