Day 11 at the Oracle v. Google Trial — Closing Statements, Goes to Jury ~pj

The copyright phase of the Oracle v. Google trial is in the hands of the jury. I’ll have the full report transcribed for you shortly. Our reporter in the courtroom, mirror_slap, says that last thing that happened, after the jury left to begin deliberations is that Google’s lead attorney Robert Van Nest, of Keker & Van Nest, went and shook hands with the lead attorneys for Oracle, Michael A. Jacobs of Morrison & Foerster and David Boies of Boies Schiller & Flexner.

That’s how it is with lawyers. Nothing personal. In SCO v Novell, Boies and Jacobs fought against each other. Here, they fought side by side. Lawyers fight hard for their clients, but it’s not like CEOs getting into it. Very polite and frankly, it’s why courts work at all. And why sometimes you do need a court to settle a complex dispute.